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Sofia Duarte
6 min readJul 8, 2022


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It took my sweet time, but I accepted Courtney Capone challenge! Here I am with my 9 not-so-popular opinions. I always love her challenges, she is so out-of-the-box thinking! Please, light your day by reading her unpopular opinions:

It’s a little difficult for me to think about Unpopular opinions since I don’t really care about them that way. This was a journey through memory to try to remember any moment that something I’ve said or heard had sent me on an argumentative discussion — yes, I am learning the hard way that sometimes the best answer is silence.

Probably I’ll start with the easy ones and then something always comes up next.

1. You don’t need to build a traditional family to have a life.

Society keeps playing the story that you need a partner to have a life… ‘If you don’t have one, you aren’t happy.’ No one has a right to tell you what your life should be like!

You can be happy for:

  1. Having a partner, with/without kids.
  2. Living alone, with/without pets.
  3. With/without a stable job.
  4. Any other options that you feel that is on your journey.

It is hard to be yourself when there is pressure from society, but it is better to be yourself under pressure than living a nightmare, dreaming of another life.

2. Nothing in this world is certain.

And that’s the only certainty there is. Do not despair. You are adaptable, for the better and worst. Sometimes things happen, and we can’t do anything about it. Just keeping our lives floating and that’s ok. Don’t pressure yourself because of uncertainties that you can’t control.

Despite that, you can prevent many situations when you see patterns. Everything needs a…



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