She found herself swinging darkness away

An inside journey

Sofia Duarte
2 min readApr 11, 2022


Photo by Luke Chui on Unsplash

The empty soul tried to close its eyes,

Thoughts unveiled of peace and demise.

Why are you so bad if you have the ones you love there?

Why can’t you be happy with everything that you have?


The wind was the only thing that felt alive,

Swinging down he went, trying to reach the sky!

His body was a vessel, a piece of nothing, a drive

That seemed to have no end. But time goes by.


His life was swinging and then it ended.


Emptiness remained in his woman’s eyes,

Missing someone that makes our hearts almost die.

~Tell me why?~

Life is meaningless without him.

Death is not ever the answer for her.

She listens to her sorrow from the wind,

The one that awakens her feelings.

~The hair remains in love with that wind~

It was that swing, that she’d built from his rope.

His end was her strength. She would fight.

No one is wrong or right,

But tomorrow the sun will bright.

Hope never dies if you look at the skies!

~This may be a storm, but the temperance may return~

She found herself swinging darkness away,

Not this time, maybe any other day.

Until then, she swings the melody of the winds!

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