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Sofia Duarte
2 min readJul 16, 2021


By Art of Pam

[Updated on 5th May 2022] Updated lists by genre. More news coming soon.

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I am a person that has a lot of places… Just like my inspiration that comes from every cell that I have, I can be a little too much. With that in mind, I will show you all that I have available.

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The main informative Website is yet to be complete. I aim to have a ‘home’ for my handle, so people can get involved in all my little projects. It will be an informative place with my quotes and updates.

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A place where anyone can encourage my creative writing and be a supportive member of my words. There I have some ‘Extras’ where you can ask me to write you something. It is up to you what you need me to write there.



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