Summer Love

Life itself is a gift!

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Oscar was with his parents on a new journey through his grandparents’ house. They were all happy with their two weeks’ vacation, free from all the city’s sounds and stress. He was five, so everything was awesome and new. He was eager to get there since he doesn’t have a lot of memories from last year. It was time to make them!

Once they arrived, Oscar felt his grandfather’s hug and his grandmother kiss with all the love and happiness. They had a welcoming lunch, with a lot of fruit and various sound from outside: birds chirping, the dog barking, the chickens, and all the other animals that he didn’t know the name yet!

He ate and pleaded for them to get it done so he could go out and play. He wanted to wander outside with the sun and nature! His granddad said that he had a perfect place to share with him, all he had to hear was water, and he was bought!

“It’s time to go with the grandpa!” Her mother said, he went running and jumping. Oscar was eager to learn more with them and to get to know each wonderful detail that he could.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Giggled Oscar, reaching to his grandfather’s hand. “Water, water, water!” He stopped right away. “What a beautiful flower!”

“It’s a marigold.” Said his grandma.

“What a beautiful color!” Oscar wanted to have the flower with him. Her grandmother took one flower and reached Oscar’s ear.

“There.” She stated. “Now you can have that beautiful color with you.”

“Thank you.” He appreciated that flower, feeling the petals slightly in his fingers.

And happily, they went along the dirt road from the side of his grandparents’ house. From one side you could see a wood fence and some cows with their friends’ bulls.

“That’s a bull?” Oscar asked his grandmother. He was pointing to the bull, he had large horns, and he was eating alone. There were two cows too, eating a little far from the male. “He is so brown!” He got free from the hand and ran near the fence.

“Be careful!” Said his mother. “They are far, but the cattle can run fast!”

“What is more dangerous?” Oscar seemed to be loving seeing those animals. “The bull or the cow?”

“You don’t want to mess around either of them, little one.” Answered his father.

“What’s that?” Oscar ran off again, now he embraced the tree stump. “It’s so huge!” He smiled, pointing to the fruit that was in the treetop. “Can I eat that?”

“Of course, you can eat a pear, you silly!” Her father smiled.

“Aren’t you full yet?” Asked his grandmother.

“I am. But I can come here again when I am hungry and have one pear!” He laughed again, letting the tree alone.

They continued the journey until they have arrived near the pound. It had a small waterfall and it was so small, that Oscar was safe to play near it.

“You know, Oscar…” Stated his father. “When I was little, I came here a lot to play with the frozen pound!”

“But the pound is not frozen now!” Complained the kid.

“I know, son.” He smiled. “One day we can come here in the winter, and we can both go ice skating!”

“Can’t we do that now?” Asked Oscar.

“Now, you silly! The pound is water now. We need to come in the winter.” His father was patient with his questions.

“When is winter?” Oscar touched the water. “I want to be winter now!”

“Today is a summer day. We will have a few more days and after that, it will be Autumn. It’s going to take a while.” He saw his child become sadder. “But we can make a lot of stuff now!”

“What?” Oscar was curious.

“Something like this!” Her father giggled when his hand reached the water, and it splashed in his son’s body.

“That’s not fair!” His son tried to do the same, he didn’t run, so he could get wet with the water too.

They played a lot with the water, soon all family joined. It was fun, Oscar learned a lot from the seniors, and he could play a lot with all of them. Perhaps this was his best day ever!

The night was almost coming up, so they had to return home. Oscar was tired, so he went gladly into his grandpa’s lap.

“What is that light?” He asked half sleepily in his lap.

“It’s a green light.” The grandpa came up to his ear, whispering. “It’s a light, so we don’t ever lose the home. You can always follow the green light at night and reach our doorstep.”

“Nice idea!” Said the grandson.

When they went inside, Oscar’s body reached his bed and he was already asleep. It was time for the parents to catch up.

Tomorrow will be a whole new day to discover the natural world!

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