The Fall of a Lifetime

When you fall and your best friend will laugh for all eternity

Sofia Duarte
5 min readApr 20, 2022


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I don’t have a lot of friends. Actually, I don’t even need a second hand to count them. I was always different, even a weirdo. Not everyone wants to know complicated people, and I am the worst. Maybe that’s why I have such a sense of humor. Life is hard as it is, so we need to turn things over and think about the other side of the stories: inside jokes are great for that.

My first time spending a holiday out was in 2014. We went to Lisbon, my best friend and I, we spent there nine days. I loved it. It was fun and full of inside jokes for future conversations. We took the train from Porto to Lisbon. The house was amazing and very cheap since it was the first time they were renting.

One of my moments on Lisbon.

Have I said that I was a weirdo? The first night I was trying to traumatize her. We were watching Korean dramas, and I was feeling the story, it seems like I was talking too loud and always saying stuff before it happened. How could she remain my friend? It’s something that I cannot say. Maybe because she is a little weird, just like me.

Those vacations were so much worse, they were perfect! Just like our friendship. The best crazy relationship that we have — I hope.

She wanted to go to a TV show, and we went. I don’t want to share too many details about our personal space, but I can say that we woke up earlier than we were prepared to, and we walked twelve kilometers since we didn’t know which trains or buses to catch. We took a train, then we walked and walked. She was annoyed and wanted to kill me because of that — completely right, I was on Google Maps, and sometimes we went a little away from the path. We arrived just in time and there were some stupid girls there that were from the north of Portugal too — they were thinking that they were the last cookies in the package. That’s sad. Sadder was learning that we only needed to catch two buses and one train to get where we came from — instead of walking for life!

I won’t talk in detail about our journey into the Sporting’s friendly match. She was trying to get…



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