The never-ending Goal

A real story of growing as an employee

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The world is a huge place to leave any impact. Therefore, we have to start small if we want to achieve anything in life. Don’t forget that we are all unique and that individuality is what makes us the better candidate to walk our path. Every day you can achieve something. In Portuguese, the fish does nothing — ‘ — and swims — ‘ nada’. You have your pace. Don’t feel the need to accomplish anything if you don’t want to. Search within for your uniqueness!

That said, I am always trying to learn something new about myself and my questions don’t cease to amaze me. I like to work on challenges when nothing seems like the last task. I hate changes but I force myself to evolve. That’s why I work in an Automotive plant — not only because of that, since it was my first real job there.

I love evolution, so when you work in an industrial enterprise, there is a need to be constantly evolving. Something about Lean and Six Sigma — I am still a little fish swimming in this huge sea. Life is rich because of that! We are born to learn, and we die still learning.

Dare to think outside the box and find new ways to improve your daily tasks. You can always learn something new, and that’s the precious feeling that most of the kids have. I am an eternal kid within this big woman!

What is Lean Methodology, do you ask? It’s a whole new room for improvement! And you can use it anywhere! You have tools that can help you reach your goal: it’s a process of ongoing improvement. From processes, and production, to thinking.

Six Sigma is more about helping you understand your goal and achieve its full potential without losing your objective or having reoccurring problems. With its tools, you can go deeper and make sure that those situations don’t occur.

Photo by me. A great book that uses a story to help you understand what Lean is all about!

For that knowledge to be used, you need to observe and see it from an outside point of view. Anything can be said and broken down until you have a good improvement. It’s harder once you’ve improved the first steps, it becomes harder each time. But we don’t need to feel stressed or afraid that nothing good will happen. You can always take a time to refresh your ideas and see through new eyes.

I was in a lot of paths, from being an operator to helping administratively in the technical department. I learn all the way and there is not a good or bad career to learn from! Nowadays, I am in a team that helps other team members from that department and tries to help improve the tasks ahead. I like the challenge, the detail that I have different tasks to do is a good thing too.

Last but not least, I want to give a little moment to the people. We live in a society, and it’s a must to have a good ambiance and colleagues. The availability to pass knowledge is a great thing that I live each day. People who stop their task to help you to really understand the concept of what you are doing, are true heroes! I am glad to have met a lot of them, and to be a part of that group of understanding and open individuals.

We cannot forget that knowledge isn’t for us to keep. If you pass that knowledge to the person who has the same goal as you, you can only gain with that! It’s talking and sharing that allows us to improve and evolve. As we all know, the automotive market is changing, and I am a part of that evolution — even if I am a tiny member of a great collective!

Don’t be sad if you haven’t learned or achieved anything today. You have always tomorrow. Be brave and embrace evolution!

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