Who am I?

Searching past self, finding a void.

Sofia Duarte
2 min readOct 30, 2022


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash
This is part of Breast Cancer Awareness collaboration (check it here) of Saloon for writers (Facebook group).

Today is my last day of me.

I feel numb, like a fantasy…

My left breast has to leave me.

How am I supposed to let that be?


Monthly torture,

Those bandages and me.

More weeks go by, is this the cure?

The one that could set me cancer-free?


A strange face that I know too well is looking at me,

The reflection of the truth that doesn’t unveil

Those memories of happiness, once lived, once sailed…

A stranger looks at me because I’ve prevailed.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be!


A bust that was once shown with glory,

Touched with resentment.

A survivor, they say, I feel like I’ve lost

Somewhere that woman at sea,

And she drowned in chemotherapy.


They say that time helps, but I am not sure what they say…

The woman I once knew is gone,

And no one can take that away…


I want to hide from life,

Where to find my energy?

I cannot seem to forget how my bust was supposed to be.

There was a battle and I lost my identity.

No dresses, no makeup, no smile…

Nothing of this brings back my old me!


Maybe one day I can find my smile again,

Yet looking at myself I lose hope.

How am I supposed to be back at ME?

Note: Please, do not forget that it is normal to have feelings of discomfort while going through a journey of redefining yourself. It is okay to find help if you need to. You deserve it! Never forget!

You can check all details on the CDC page, here.

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