You are not alone. I was seven when my BFF, my dad, died. He was the only person who truly knew me. People say that to me too. They say that I have to let my past go and move on. They don't even dream about the joy that we have in that memories.

Yes, we miss them. It hurts. All in life hurts. They sell a world that is perfect and pain-free. And why we have so many people suffering from depression and other mental issues? They say what we need to do and we forgot what needs to be done.

We have our steps. We have our feelings and they are made to be there, for giving us the right to smile and cry whatever and whenever we need to.

Please, forget the stereotype society that tells you everything. You have your pace, your soul, and your personality. Of course, we can be better. We are constantly evolving and, sometimes, we need help.

I am used to saying this: the sea is our feelings, and we are the boat in that storm. We need to cross and touch that sea and feel it. You will need help when you are lost, and you become one with that sea. When you lost direction, and all you do is lose yourself in that ocean of feelings. You don't know anymore who you are. There! You need help.

Are you just looking into that water from the boat, smiling, and closing your eyes to feel the breeze? You are okay.

Any other person can't understand. It's not their boat. Not their ocean.

Care for what you feel that is needed to care. Nothing is more important.

⚀ Uma mulher afundada em letras creativas! ⚁ A woman deep within creative words! ⚀ PT — ⚁ EN —

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