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It’s not an About Me, it’s more like a Rebirth.

Sofia Duarte
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A photo of myself.

Lê a versão em português, aqui.

We crossed paths, therefore I believe that I am missing a proper introduction:

“Hi, there! My handle is Sofia Duarte, and I write for survival.” I could say. “My writing started in Portuguese when I needed to stay alive — I wanted to die so hard.”

Most of us have real problems in life, and I could say that I am one of them if it wasn’t so wrong to do so. I am privileged. Not for being white, or anything like that. Forget about that kind of thinking, just for this story.

I am privileged because I know what love is. How love conquers all. How anything in life can be lived with a whole new perspective.

As I said, I wanted to die. My father died, he is the only one that once truly understood me. I was feeling the deepest meaning of the Portuguese word “Saudade”. Missing something that there is no more, feeling it like it never ended, and getting into that vast ocean of darkness enlightened by the light of fondness.

I am a broken piece of this world. I do not need saving.

That’s why my handle was chosen because of love: Sofia is the name that I was called by my close family. My father had another pen name for me: Catarina. Instead of stealing his voice from my memory, when he called me, I wanted to revive the little girl who died when I heard that he was dead. Sofia is the dreamer, the girl who lives and sees the world from that perfect perspective of being alive. Elsa meets the storm of her life, Sofia builds worlds of enchanting emotions.

My father loved her mother so much, that I wanted to let his love life through my handle: Duarte, the last name of my grandmother. One of the loves of his life.

Sofia Duarte is the dreamer that wants to conquer all. Inspirational moments come and go just as much as those darkest ones. I want to feel it all. Let it be the storm! I won’t drown. His love is my saving boat.

No, I am not living in the past as most people say. I am channeling my strength, my veins feel his love within and want to share it with everyone!

I came from a place where everything was so profound that the feeling was unbearable. Furthermore, I am the storm, the ocean, the boat. They feed any emotion that I can deliver within my stories.

All I want to do is give strength to my words. Readers can drown in their emotions, but if one tiny bit of my inspiration goes through their hearts and minds, I know that Love will conquer them.

I started with poetry, maybe one day I will translate it into English. My poetry has stages. The first stage came from death and love. In each new phase, love grows, the light grows, and death stays the same.

I want to write them all. The emotions. I want to conquer them all. Life is imperfect, just like the way we all are. One foot in front of the other, one bad emotion in front of the other. One great moment and another worst one. The perfection of feeling is that it never stops. Just like words.

We can die, they remain.

We die, but the feelings remain.

Memories go away, but emotions stay.

Just like everything in this universe, we are energy. Energy with positive and negative poles, others neutral. Recycling every moment, making them count.

That’s why I am a dreamer. I recycle the little Sofia within myself, the Elsa that’s frozen from daily moments. A dreamer does not stay frozen in time. We survive by blazing emotions.

I am writing to inspire other broken people. If some of them find their inner demons and break them into emotions by reading my words, I’ve accomplished what love means to me.

Love conquers all. Words are a way of loving life and mortality, elevating them to another state: the reader’s mind.

Do not forget to find yourself within and feel it all! That’s marvelous. You will see, one day, and dream, like me. The crazy way of loving your broken pieces.

From Sofia, I share with you emotional hugs. From Elsa, I wave.

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